Heavy Transport Turkey

Lowbed Transportation
OnNAK Weighing systems that do not comply with international standards can be transported with all kinds of height, width, load capacity and maneuverability with our lowbed transport vehicles. Onnak lowbed transportation service can be done to all addresses in Turkey and abroad.

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Business Machines Transportation
OnNAK is able to carry out loading and unloading of work machinery by carrying out. as soon as possible with a reliable team. All Construction and Infrastructure transports business machinery to companies and all necessary business areas where you may have a mind.

İş Makina Nakliyesi


Transformer Transport
OnNAK We carry out transformer transportation safely by taking help from lowbed and similar platforms in our world. We are considering the best and the best quality of the transporter transportation considering the recommendations of our customers and we think the best for them. As a Koçanlar on transformer transport, we are increasing our service quality every day.

Industrial Machinery Transportation
We are carrying out domestic and international transportation by taking advantage of our superior equipment in OnnaK Industrial Machinery Transportation. We deliver industrial machinery within the time you specify the country and city you want and we try to develop ourselves day by day in this sector taking into consideration the suggestions of our customers.

Boru ve Ağır Proje Nakliyesi

Tower and Crane Transportation
OnNAK Towers and Crane Transportation, as soon as possible with a reliable team. All cranes and towers are transported to all construction and infrastructure companies and all necessary business areas

Boat Carrying
OnNAK Our cranes lifting weights on high level, our durable vehicles, we are carrying boat transportation with our experienced phylum. We are able to transport boats in our country and abroad with the transportation equipments and equipments which are suitable for the lengths and sizes of boats.

Trafo Nakliyesi

Energy Projects Transportation
OnNAK We carry out the transportation of materials such as turbine and generator in the transportation projects of the energy projects with our expert and reliable filomuz. We deliver the energy projects in the desired date and in the safest and fastest manner in the desired adrese. Taking into consideration the valuable advice of our customers, we are going to go even further in this sector.

Metro ve Tren Nakliyesi

Rail System Transport
OnNAK Railway and Subway must have a safe and careful transportation plan for railway passenger carrying materials. It carries the needs of our firms fully by carrying the subways and trains of the customers and the land in the most convenient and safe way.

Steam Boiler Transportation
OnNAK We carry steam boilers of different sizes to domestic and many foreign countries. In Europe and Asia, we deliver the fastest and best quality to the desired date and desired city or country. We are working with a zero mistake strategy by keeping the satisfaction of our customers on the front boiler in carrying the steam boiler.

Tanker Transportation
OnNAK also provides services for all other heavy haulage as well as safe and careful transportation of solid materials. It fully meets the needs of our companies by carrying the tankers of the sea and land customers in the most appropriate and safe way.

Yacht Transportation
OnNAK We use our private yacht trailers to transport and lashing in the highest and highest quality level. We have been providing yacht transport service for many years with the help of our expert team for damage prevention and damage prevention.

Sanayi Ağır Nakliyat

International Heavy Transport
OnNAK Tasima We carry your non-transportable cargo to your desired country with a standard transport vehicle with our international heavy transportation service. Many countries in Europe and Asia have this network of services and we deliver your goods and supplies safely and quickly to your desired adrese. On the cob is one of Turkey’s leading company in the international heavy transport and transport sekötr serves with 100% customer satisfaction policy.

Quality, Trust, Experience
Tel: +90 (850) 304 304 6 Mobile: +90 (541) 623 69 22

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